Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Left Project launches

I'm pleased to say the New Left Project, a site that I and a few others have been working on for some time, launched today.

The New Left Project will provide analysis, commentary, discussion and debate for anyone concerned about climate change, inequality, Western foreign policy and a host of other issues.

In our first set of original pieces, Jamie Stern-Weiner examines how the crises in Haiti and Gaza reflect the politics of humanitarianism, I chat with Noam Chomsky about nuclear proliferation, climate change, Haiti and the financial crisis, a new article of mine takes on the myths surrounding debate on the British economy, and author and activist Paul Street talks in depth to our very own Alex Doherty about the state of US politics one year on from the inauguration of Barack Obama.

As well as a steady stream of original content, NLP will provide cross-posting from leading blogs on the UK left, as well as links to the best political comment and analysis from around the world.

Please check out the new site, bookmark us, tell your friends, and let us have any feedback. Submissions of original material are always welcome.


Also this week, check out my mini-manifesto for a progressive British foreign policy at Left Foot Forward.

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Blogger joe90 kane said...

NLP is on the ZNet homepage at the mo as a 'Featured ZNet' DD.

Top stuff.

Saturday, February 06, 2010 7:23:00 PM  

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