Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Israeli violence against journalists

Disgusted of London (no relation to "Aggrieved of Royal Tonbridge Wells") strikes again on today's Guardian letters page. Its the last one here; slightly edited but not in any substantive way. The full version went like this:


Lorna Fitzsimons - representing something called the "Britain-Israel Communications and Research Centre" (Letters, July 7) - claims that Reporters Sans Frontières contradict John Pilger's damning assessment (From triumph to torture, July 2) of the way Israel treats journalists in illegally occupied Palestine.
In fact, the NGO's latest annual report condemns "Israeli army violence against media workers in the occupied Palestinian Territories". It tells us that "[s]ixteen journalists were injured when troops fired real or rubber bullets or percussion or teargas grenades during 2007". Among them were "Al-Aqsa TV cameraman Imad Ghanem [who] was seriously wounded by Israeli soldiers ... as he filmed an army operation [in] the Gaza Strip. ...He lost the use of both legs". The report describes journalists being harassed, denied their rights and having their equipment seized by the occupying military. It also notes that the Israeli soldier who, in the judgement of St Pancras coroner's court, "murdered" British journalist James Miller in May 2003, continues to evade justice.
In what sense then does Fitzsimons believe that the assessment of Reporters Sans Frontières contradicts John Pilger's article?
David Wearing

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